I have very spoiled cats, all of which are indoor-only and spayed and neutered.  They are:



  x   Peaches is a 16 year-old male peach tabby Maine Coon mix.  I got him when he was 7 weeks old.  He was taken from his mother at 6 weeks of age and neutered right afterward.  He only weighed 1.25 pounds and was very shy and dependent for the first week he lived with me. He is a doll--there's no other way to describe him!   He is very sweet (at times of his choosing, of course) and his long, silky fur has turned a gorgeous copper color.  His eyes are also copper.  He's a gorgeous boy! 


This is Silkenrose Sir Jack.  He's a black and white bi-color Persian and is as sweet a kitty as I have ever met.  Jack was born in May, 2006.


none This is Regulus, aka Reggie. He came from a Persian rescue as a kitten. The breeder could no longer take care of her cats, so the state seized all of her Persians and put them into rescues. Reggie is as sweet a kitty as they come. He's curious, playful, and very, very loyal. Regulus is the brightest first magnitude blue star in the constellation Leo. Regulus is Latin for "little king." He was born on July 3, 2007.




This is Mattie. She was found outside of a Petsmart taped into a cardboard box on New Year's Day, 2008. She had been dumped in front of the store and spent a freezing night in the box. Mattie had a permanent eye injury that required her to lose her left eye. She's at least part Maine Coon and is a very, very sweet kitty. Since she was still under a doctor's care for her eye, putting her up for adoption is impossible. Mattie is a part of my family now. In December, 2008, Mattie had surgery to remove her injured eye. She is much happier now and is as sweet a kitty as they get.

This is Pumpkin. He was a foster kitten who came to me at just a few weeks old in the summer of 2008. After a lot of worry over illness, he grew up to be a healthy boy, though he was born with cataracts, which will need surgery some day. He's a very cute and sweet boy.

This is Strider. He is a blue and white Persian that came to me in the summer of 2009 as a kitten. He was rehomed because of severe allergies and has been with me ever since. He's sweet, funny, and oh-so-cuddly. His nickname is the Great Horned Woolly Booger and he answers to Woolly. He was born at the end of January, 2009.

This is Cyra. She is a blue cream Persian that was rescued from awful conditions when she was just 3.5 months old. She's quite a brat at times, but she's also very sweet. That's why her full name is Princess Cyra. She was born on December 19, 2009.



This is Tommy. He spent several days crying outside but I could not find him. I finally found him on November 10, 2010 and brought him inside to safety. He was thrown outside and abandoned by the people who had his mother and siblings. They were moving and everyone was given away but Tommy. Everyone thought he was ugly, so no one wanted him. I think he's beautiful. The spots on his nose that look like dirt are black spots in his skin. He's pretty smart and very sweet. Tommy is all grown up now and is a wonderful cat. He's smart and sweet and loves to be near his people.

Sylvie is a purebred Maine Coon whose breeder died. The breeder's daughter put her, her siblings, and parents in boarding at a vet's office so she could clean out her mother's house. She never came back to get the cats and wanted them put to sleep. I got Sylvie in December, 2011 when she was 4 months old. She's smart, super-friendly, and very sweet. She's never far from my side, though she is not a lap kitty. She prefers to be beside, rather than on, me.

On the day I went to pick up Ernie's ashes from the vet, I had to stop by Home Depot first. As I was leaving, I noticed that there was a woman kneeling in the street. She was worked at Home Depot and was just going in to work. I stopped and asked if she was ok and she showed me a box that had 4 kittens in it. They were all black, 2 males and 2 females. One of the females had been hit by a car and had died. I took the remaining three kittens with me to the vet's office to be checked out. The Home Depot lady wanted the female, so they held on to her until her new mom could pick her up. As I was leaving with Ernie's ashes, they told me that they would call Animal Control to pick up the two boys. I know from working rescue that if a kitten is less than 2 pounds, it will be put to sleep immediately. I took both boys home with me and named then Samwise and Frodo. They were supposed to be fosters, but because it was summer, the rescues were full and not many people want black cats. So, they stayed. Sammy is on the right. Since the boys were so young, they weren't yet ready to be away from their mother. They both used to nurse on my neck, something Sammy still does today. Frodo is a quiet, noble, and very, very sweet boy. He reminds me of Perceval in so many ways. Sammy is a lot more demanding of my attention and is also very sweet. There's no way they are going anywhere now. They've grown to be gorgeous cats!

This is Bruce, aka Batman. He was a rescue in the summer of 2013. He is a sweet boy, but is quite wild at times. He loves to zoom through the house and pounce on his brothers and sisters.

This is Rocky. She was born outside to a feral mother and took a long time to socialize. She can be very sweet when she wants to be. She is still afraid of standing or walking humans but will climb up to get petted or to lick my hand when I am sitting down. Rocky came to live with me in December, 2013.

This is James, aka Jamie and James the Perfect. He is a purebred copper-eyed White Persian. He is so, so sweet! He's terribly spoiled because I can't resist his cute little face. James was born in October, 2013 and came to live with me Feb. 1, 2014. He is a very special gift.

This is Rory. He is a rescued red and white Persian who was born in June, 2014. He is very cute and though he isn't much of a snuggler, often sleeps with me. He absolutely adores Frodo and the two of them can be seen curled up together all the time.

This is Misty. She is a rescue who was born in May, 2015. She is as sweet a kitty as I've ever known and she is almost always next to me, whether I am working, relaxing, or sleeping.


This is Shauna. She went into the rescue I volunteer with when she was just a baby. I fell in love with her at adoptions and would spend the whole time I was there holding her. She eventually got adopted out but was returned because the people did not want a kitten. She got a cold and I fostered her to get her healthy again and she never left. She was born in the summer of 2015 and I've had her since April, 2016. She is a very sweet girl who loves to "help" me do things around the house.


This is Beau, also known as Buzz because of his loud purr. He came from a former student whose sister bred him (he is a purebred Persian) but suffers from mental illness and could no longer care for her cats. I took him in and he is a magnificent boy. He is very friendly and super sweet. He was born on May 10, 2016.

My Dogs:


I have three dogs.


Cricket is a camera shy Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. She was born on June 1, 2011 and was a rescue. She is very sweet, though is quite a coward when it comes to new things.


Heidi is a purebred Saint Bernard that I rescued from a family who had an "oops" litter on December 29, 2012. She is a beautful dog and weighs in at 165 pounds. She is sweet and fiercely protective of me and our home.

Teddy, aka Teddy Bear or Mr. Bear, whose real name is Edward Bear (Winnie the Pooh's real name), is a purebred Keeshond that I got from a breeder after my beloved Newfoundland died. I wanted a walking buddy and Teddy is definitely it. He was born on Oct. 12, 2015. He is very smart, quite a bit mischievous, and very friendly.


I also have a Chinchilla named Quechuan (key-chew-ahn). He was born in Feb. 2016 and lived in a very small cage with his father. He didn't even have a name. I found him after my beloved Theodore the Great, also a Chinchilla, died. Quechaun is still learning how to be social with people, but he is still young, so he can do it.


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